Women’s Outdoor News: Meet Susan Kushlin of Gun Girls, Inc.

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We like to highlight American-apple-pie entrepreneur stories here at The WON. Meet Susan Kushlin, a new shooter who quickly realized that training to shoot guns changes a life, and wanted to reflect that in her newfound business, Gun Girls, Inc.

Susan Kushlin started shooting guns 5 years ago. “I loved the training, precision and focus that is involved when learning how to handle and shoot a firearm safely and properly,” said Kushlin. “I have had a passion for style and fashion since I was very young and have been in various fashion-related jobs. I started going to gun shows and gun ranges with my fiancé and saw apparel that represented shooting, but the products were mainly for men. Over the last few years I noticed there were some products for women, but I did not see anything that represented women in a fashionable and ladylike manner.”




She turned to family and friends, spent many long nights in discussions with them and eventually came forth with Gun Girls, Inc. She launched the company in October 2013. “The company was developed on the basis of offering fashion forward and functional concealed carry handbags, accessories and apparel with the Gun Girls, Inc., logo in rhinestone, screen print and embroidery,” said Kushlin.

gun-girl-inc-purseCurrently, collections include Gun Girls, Inc. Concealed Carry Handbags, Gun Girls, Inc.( womens and girls-apparel and accessories ), Gun Girls, Inc. BABY (infants – custom onesies and bibs) and G.G. Inc. (men’s – custom logo hats and tee shirts). “All of my products are  carefully hand picked by me and I look for quality,function, style and affordability. The company stands for the freedom we have in this country to reach our goals, have self confidence and pride and to represent the fact that women don’t want to be victims. I believe it is a woman’s right to protect herself! We promote that through fashion in all our collections,” added Kushlin.




The company’s mission statement, “All Girls Can Be Gun Girls!!” means “that any woman/girl, when trained properly, can achieve her goals with pride and self confidence – no matter who you are or where you come from. We are all connected through shooting and Gun Girls, Inc. promotes that through fashion,” said Kushlin.

gun-girl-inc-babyShe developed her collections to be worn at the range, out to dinner, or anywhere you want to make a lifestyle statement that says, “I don’t want to be a victim. I believe in a woman’s right to protect herself.”

When asked which gun is her favorite, Kushlin said, “I have two favorite guns right now: a Smith & Wesson 642 revolver for carry and a Ruger 22/45 for target shooting.” Her fiancé recently gave her a new Black Rain Ordinance AR-15 finished in Pink Splash, custom engraved with the Gun Girls, Inc. logo, for her birthday to add to her collection.




Kushlin is working on taking the company to a larger customer base and is in discussions with distributors and companies that build brands in the U.S. and Canada.

When asked about the growth of women in the shooting world, she said, “I don’t think you can stop women from getting into shooting.”

We hope she’s right.

FULL LINK HERE: http://www.womensoutdoornews.com/2015/03/meet-susan-kushlin-gun-girls-inc/

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